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Flights Cancelled? Now What?

Traveling, while fun and exciting, can have its ups and downs and unpredictable events. One of the big ones: your flight getting canceled.

It's always stressful when you find out your flight has been delayed or canceled. So what do you do?

1. Don't Panic! Flights get canceled all the time! While at the moment it's super stressful, airlines are very used to dealing with these events, so you are in experienced hands.

2. Find either a gate agent or your airline's customer service desk. They will have all the information you need to get you where you need to go.

3. Attitude is everything! Know the saying "You catch more flies with honey"? This also applies to how you treat airline staff when trying to rearrange your flight schedule. You will be stressed, but they are there to help you, so be kind.

4. Don't let it ruin your trip! This one is super hard, we know. A canceled flight is like rain on a parade. But take a deep breath and remember: you're going to get where you're going, even if it takes a bit longer. Don't let a delay ruin your amazing vacation!

5. Keep a record of what is happening. If worse comes to worst and you have to receive a voucher for your trip, make sure that the voucher is right for you! Keep track of why your flight was canceled, your itinerary, boarding passes, etc. to make sure you are compensated correctly and fully.

So what can you do to prepare for these sorts of things before you even leave for the airport?

1. Consider travel insurance! One of the best ways to protect yourself and your vacation is by purchasing travel protection ahead of time! This way, if things go very, very wrong, you're not at the total cost of your trip and instead, can use the money or credit you receive to book yourself another vacation in the future!

2. Download the airline's app in the Apple App or Google Store. The app will keep you posted on what kind of delays or cancellations are happening and may help you learn about them before they're announced in the airport.

3. Don't delay! Once you find out your flight has been canceled, get a move on to get in line to get your trip taken care of before the line gets too long.

4. Contact us! If you give us a heads up that your flight has been canceled, we can work with you to help you navigate getting a new ticket or refund. We're in your corner, so keep us informed! We hope these tips will help you and yours during the busy holiday travel season! Stay safe travelers!

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