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A Few Important Reminders!


  • Check in and be at the airline ticket counter AT LEAST two to three hours prior to departure - this means be at the counter, not driving up. Allow plenty of time to park.  I know that is early in the morning many times, but we have had a number of clients who were denied boarding because they got to the ticket counter only an hour ahead (either due to long lines or a late arrival at the airport).  Be sure to check with the airline the night before or day of departure to be aware of any last minute changes to your flight schedule, as that can happen. Many airlines allow you to set up text notifications. Check your airline's website for details on how to do that or ask us for assistance!

  • Traveling out of the US?  Look for your passport NOW, make sure you know where it is, that it's valid (hasn't expired), and that you have a PASSPORT BOOK and not a card. Also, if there has been any damage to your passport (such as it was washed, got really bent, etc) we have had clients be denied boarding and have to get a new one. If you have damage, please ask us!

  • Don't forget to turn off the Data Roaming on your smartphone when you travel outside the US or you could have a huge bill when you get home!

  • Bring a snack with you. Depending on where you're going, it could be a while before you get access to food once you arrive and food on the plane usually isn't free! I take things like granola bars, protein bars, chips, etc. Don't have anything with fresh veggies/fruit/meat after you arrive in a foreign country or even Hawaii, or they will make you throw it out.

  • A tip from a client that travels a lot: make sure your carry-on is well organized and not over stuffed. Wear minimal jewelry. Don't put anything inside your shoes in the X-ray bin. Don't overfill the X-ray bin as you can use as many as you need. 

  • When you are traveling outside the US you may see things are done differently, like the local police may carry big guns and resorts typically have barbed wire around their property.  Don't let this scare you as this is normal and is NOT done because of heightened danger or anything like that.  It's just their normal security procedure. 

  • Avoid bug bites!  See some tips at

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