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Meet our team of Travel Designers!

I've been in travel since 2011!  I've always had a love of travel, which is why I decided to get into this crazy industry!  Contact me for all-inclusive vacations, cruises, as well as Europe!

Europe is a passion of mine, and I spend most of my days designing custom trips traveling all over Europe! I handpick the tours and accommodations as well as the best way to travel between cities (talk about trains, planes, and automobiles!)  

A passion of mine is helping create memories and connecting my clients with their ancestry. I do a lot of Greece, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, and other areas of Europe!


I LOVE to cruise and have been on a lot of various cruises in Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe, including river cruises, which is another passion of mine! I have earned my Master Cruise Counselor designation, which took over a year of study as well as ongoing training, so if you're looking to cruise, I'm your designer!

Shelly Ramirez - Owner/Travel Designer

I have been working at Michelle's Destinations for five years now, and I love my job. As a husband and father of three beautiful girls, I understand the ins and outs of traveling with a big group. I regularly participate in multi-generational travel and appreciate balancing the wishes for togetherness and some privacy while on vacation. I grew up in the Norman area, am a dedicated Sooner fan, love to cook, spend time with great friends, and of course travel.

Mark Cain - Travel Designer

I started in the travel industry in 1999, then took some time off to work on insurance claims. Can you figure out which industry I prefer? I have lived all over the world, including Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Belize, and the US, and have traveled all over.  I love to be able to help people turn ideas into amazing travel experiences. One of my favorite quotes is, "Travelling--it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta.    


Go tell some stories!

Adriana Horton - Travel Designer
Shonna Hammon - Travel Designer

Shonna Hammon has lived in Hawaii for 27 years and began her venture into the travel industry as the sole photographer for all of the Hawaiian islands for Home and Abroad, which was an early partner of Expedia. Her photography was featured with many clients including Expedia, Hawaiian Airlines, and Bank of Hawaii. She then became the Hawaii Travel and Activities Writer/Developer for the Home and Abroad’s interactive custom travel website. Shonna has traveled the world extensively with her favorite locations being Paris and hidden gems along the Mediterranean.

Photo Gallery of our Agents

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