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Why don't we have an online booking engine?


We like to offer very personalized service and make sure that we are getting what you want in a vacation.  For instance, we have had clients call requesting a cruise, but when we speak about what it is they are looking for, a cruise really isn't what they want!
There are many tour companies and cruise lines out there. We use the companies that we know will take care of our clients as well as offer the best price. They offer a price match program to match those online websites and many times will beat that price! 


We like to make sure the hotel you choose is what you expect. Many times we've had clients request one resort, but when we get into what they want, that resort doesn't fit.

So, while we appreciate you wanting information now, if you can request rates from us directly, we'll be able to make sure you are getting what you want and find the best rate.

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