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Destination Weddings


Planning a destination wedding can be very overwhelming! 

We have worked with hundreds of couples who have tied the knot away.

Michelle and her husband have renewed their vows at almost every Sandals resort and do a vow renewal each year in various destinations!


We help with finding that perfect location and resort, help you connect and work with the local wedding coordinator, go over the legal requirements, work with the tour companies and resorts to get special discounts and promotions for you and your guests, make all travel arrangements for you and your guests, and we give you a list of who has booked so you don't have to worry about it!


We'll help you plan a wedding in

Mexico, the Caribbean, on a cruise, or in Hawaii!

Ready to get started?  It's easy!  Contact Us via phone or e-mail OR you can pay your retainer and fill out our wedding agreement online now! Your retainer is not processed until we have had the first consultation and agree we're a good fit!

Did you know, the most popular months for a destination wedding are May, June, and October?  If you are planning on going one of those months, planning early is key!


Each wedding is different, but this is a general timeline:


  • 9-18 months in advance - compare resorts and destinations, look at the wedding packages each offer, check wedding date availability, confirm the wedding date

  • 7-10 months in advance - get travel booked for the bride and groom and encourage the guests to do the same! Invite guests and let them know what kind of specials we have gotten for them. You can also start working with the wedding coordinator on your details, although depending on the resort, you may wait a bit for that part.

  • 4-6 months in advance - all guests should be booked - many popular resorts sell out 6 months or more in advance!

  • 1-3 months in advance - final payments are due for travel, we send a final count to the local wedding coordinator, and really start working on the details of your wedding with the local coordinator.

  • 2 weeks to 1 month in advance - travel documents are sent out to everyone, including travel tips, final details are gone over with the wedding coordinator if needed, an appointment for after arrival is made with the wedding coordinator, and you can start packing!

  • Once you arrive, you'll have your appointment to go over your final details to make sure everything is set up the way you wanted!

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