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Experience Paris through the Eyes of a Twenty Year Old

First of all, let me start by simply stating that four days was not long enough to enjoy this amazing city.

I went to #Paris with my family in May and we were only there for four days. The time there was unforgettable; however, I left not completely satisfied. This lack of satisfaction wasn’t the fault of the city, but due to the fact that I know there were many more places I didn’t get to experience. Let me tell you what I did experience, and the love that grew in me while I was there.

First of all, I walked and I walked a lot, so the first and foremost advice I will give you is that you need to make sure you have great walking shoes. This does lead me to my second piece of advice, which is, when you do want to use a means of transportation, make sure you check for an Uber first. You can almost always find one, and it is a little more cost efficient than the taxis.

We stayed in St. Germain, also known as the Latin District, which is a very lively area. There are great food choices and pop-up shops. It is also in close proximity to #NotreDame, and you most definitely do not want to pass up the opportunity to take in this historical piece and enjoy the art.

Before I get too far into the places my family and I visited, let me give you a little information about the food. Who doesn’t want to know what a 20 year old thought about the food? First of all, the food wasn’t limited to just French food, but I did enjoy the crepes I got every evening. The food was really good. France is like a melting pot of people and cultures, which means you have more options than French food. There are a plethora of varieties, and all are good. You can walk down the street and smell fresh bread, all kinds, all day long and the wine (I can talk wine since the legal drinking age is 18) the wine was easily attainable. You had access to it every time you turned around, literally. I would have to say the food is top notch; on the other hand, the menus could be a little confusing, so if there is an app for that make sure you download it.

My favorite places that I visited were one, the #EiffelTower, of course. If you are scared of heights, there is no need to worry because it is enclosed with windows. At night, it lights up in golden lights and on the hour it has a really awesome lighting effect. The Louvre was interesting. You need a couple of hours to take it all in. I am going to be honest with you here. I appreciated the Louvre, but I wouldn’t need to go back; however, it is something that you really should not miss and I most definitely do not regret experiencing it. It did lead me to the next thing I thoroughly enjoyed, which is The Avenue des Champs Elysees. When asked why I liked this so much, I just said, “Because it’s a cool street. It is straight with a roundabout. It runs from the Place de la Concorde to the #ArcdeTriomphe. It is full of culture and great, modern shopping. One of the things that appealed to my dad, brother, and I were the “at least” ten different motorcycle shops.

Another thing that made me love this city so much was just the different architectural styles and designs. The city style was so unique and it just drew me in. Some of the streets were cobblestone.The sights and sounds are so overwhelming but amazing as well. I will say, planning is key. Another thing I experienced was the gypsies and refugees.There seemed to be more than we have here, or at least more than I have experienced. But again, this leads to the uniqueness of the beautiful place.

If you get the opportunity to visit Paris, do it. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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