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Jewel & Will's Wedding

Will and Jewel are excited to invite you to join them as they Wed in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica!


We have blocked group space on the new Carnival Horizon for a departure from Miami on October 13th, 2020.  A limited number of cabins have been reserved and are reserved on a 1st come basis.

For US Citizens - We recommend you have a Passport BOOK - at a minimum, you are required to have proof of citizenship in the form of a certified state copy of your birth certificate and government issued photo ID - be sure your state is Real ID compliant, if they are not, a passport book or passport card will be required. If using a passport, it is recommended you have at least 6 months validity (IE make sure your passport book is good through April 2021).  If you are not a US Citizen, it is your responsibility to ensure entry requirements are met.

Airline tickets are not included, but, we are happy to get rates for you as many times discounts are available.  You are also welcome to book your own air should you wish. 


To start the booking/rate request process, please fill out the booking/Information request form.

Meet your ship - the Carnival Horizon!

Carnival Horizon - October 11, 2020

Sunday, October 11th - depart Miami at 4:00 PM 

Monday, October 12th - Fun Day At Sea

Tuesday, October 13th - Ocho Rios, Jamaica - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Wedding Day!

Wednesday, October 14th - Grand Cayman - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Thursday, October 15th - Cozumel, Mexico - 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Friday, October 16th - Fun Day At Sea 

Saturday, October 17th - arrive Miami approx 8:00 AM

Schedules may vary depending on various factors like weather, mechanical issues, or other factors. 

We are not liable for variations to the schedule.

What's Included?

Rates are for the Cruise only - these rates include your cruise, port charges, and taxes - prepaid tips can be included if you would like them to be added - if not pre-paid, these will be paid on board. The cruise rate includes your food, entertainment, and more!

Airfare and airport-ship transfers are not included in the cruise rate, but can be purchased. 
If you are booking your own airfare - you will want to arrive before noon the day of departure and you will want to depart after noon on the day you depart if you are flying the same day as the sailing is departing/arriving.

You'll have 3 restaurants that are included plus a limited room service menu.
There are 6 restaurants that will have a surcharge, such as the Steakhouse, Sushi, or Seafood options. You will be informed about any charges before you eat.

Drinks - Water, Tea, Coffee, and some Juice are included in your rate, other drinks like soda or alcohol is an additional charge. Drink packages are available for an additional charge. The "bottomless bubbles" package is unlimited fountain drinks in a keepsake mug for about $8.00 - $9.00 per day plus any taxes. The "Cheers" program gives you unlimited alcoholic beverages, but is limited on what type of drinks (we can send you more info, just ask!), this is about $60.00/day plus tax. The cruise line can change these programs at any time.

Some Good News! On embarkation day, each guest 21 and over may bring 1 bottle of wine on board in your carry on. There is a corkage fee if you drink this wine at the dinner table. You may also bring up to 12 cans of soda on board. Bottled water is NOT allowed, but can be purchased in advance and delivered to your cabin.

Deposit and Price Information


The normal deposit for this cruise is $250.00 per person to confirm your cabin number and location. Low deposit promotions get added by Carnival often, and we'll contact you should we see that's going on to confirm your cabin number earlier, or please contact us if you see that promotion pop up!

If you would like to do a low deposit, we can book under the group rate with a small deposit of 50.00 per person and the cabin number would not be assigned until the full deposit is paid, but you can space out your payments and a cabin type would be reserved for you.

Once the full deposit is paid in the amount of $250.00 per person (minimum 500 per cabin if doing single occupancy) we will be able to obtain your cabin numbers. Getting this paid early will allow me to get cabins close together. Once your cabin is booked the full deposit is non refundable, so if you are not sure you can go wait to book the cabin, or purchase travel insurance. There are no name changes once cabin is booked with out paying a change fee. 

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per person will secure your space in the group. This only secures your cabin type (inside or balcony), but not location or cabin number.
We need this 1st payment by December 1st, 2019 by 4 PM Central Time.  After this date, group rates may not apply, but, we can book additional cabins at the current promotional rates after this date.

A 2nd deposit of $200.00 per person is due by May 1st, 2020 - at this time we will be able to secure your cabin unless a low deposit promotion has been added by the cruise line and booked for you.

If you pay the $250.00 per person full deposit amount early, your cabin will be assigned early! :)

The balance is due by July 28th, 2020 - there are NO extensions to this date available, cabins are cancelled by the cruise line if not paid by this date and cancel fees apply.

You can make payments as often as you would like! We can set up automatic payments for you!

A note for anyone getting a single occupancy cabin - the cruise line does not offer a discount, the rate is the same as 2 people in the cabin, but you only pay taxes and port fees for 1 person.  Please contact us for more information!

Upgrade to a Suite!

Sample Oceanview Cabin

Sample Layout Balcony Cabin

Sample Balcony Cabin

Sample Oceanview Cabin Layout

Sample Oceanview Cabin

Upgrade to the Havana section!

Havana Suite Sample outside area

Sample inside cabin

Inside Cabin layout

Havana Section Cabins

Havana Cabana Suite Sample Cabin

Havana Cabana Sample

Havana Cabana Sample Layout

Family Harbor Suite Sample

Harbor Family Suite Sample

Family Harbor Suite sample layout - this cabin fits 5!

Family Harbor Oceanview Sample

Family Harbor Suite

Cloud 9 Spa level!

Balcony Cabin Sample

Family Harbor Oceanview

Balcony Cabin Sample Map


Group Rates

Cruise only group rates - 
the group rates for inside and balcony cabins have been locked in until December 1st, 2019
If Carnival has a sale that is lower at the time you book, we are able to do that promotion.
If you're a past guest, we are able to add your VIFP number to take advantage of past guest promotions.

To secure your cabin number, a deposit of 250.00 per person is currently due - however, we can do a lower group level deposit which will secure space, but not the cabin number/location.


For triple cabins (Cabins with 3 people) or Quad cabins (cabins with 4 people) or Quint cabins (5 people in the cabin) the rate for these additional passengers is not locked in and can change until reservations are made and confirmed with the full $250 per person deposit OR if a low deposit promotion is available and booked.

Note - due to cabin size, we do not recommend more than 3 adults in a cabin, especially in the inside cabin type.  If you choose to have 3 or 4 adults in a cabin, please know they are small, and while space is used wisely and there are areas of storage, it can be cramped.  We suggest at least a balcony cabin or looking at one of the family suites for this many people.

Inside Cabin

An Interior stateroom is the most affordable way to cruise, and Carnival Horizon's interiors are not just cozy, but are full of things you'd expect from any Carnival stateroom: a full private bathroom, Carnival Comfort Collection linens and just-a-call-away 24-hour room service.  Approx 185 square feet with 2 twins that convert to 1 queen or for 3 or 4 in a room, the couch becomes a bed and/or there is 1 or 2 beds that fold out of the wall to become a bunk bed.


Total per cabin (not per person) Category 4A

4 in a cabin $1834.56

(rate of 3rd and 4th person not guaranteed, based on rates as of October 11th, 2019)

3 in a cabin $1535.92

(rate of 3rd and 4th person not guaranteed, based on rates as of October 11th, 2019)

2 in a cabin $1237.28 - this is our group rate and is locked in

Other inside cabin options - based on 2 in a cabin

Category 4E $633.64 per person    

Category 4H $648.64 per person

Balcony Cabin

Balcony staterooms were designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views, so look to a balcony if you're looking to cruise aboard Carnival Horizon. Any time you're in your room, you're just steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis, featuring the sort of sea view you can also feel. Approx 220 square feet including balcony.


Category 8A

4 in a cabin $2,434.56

(rate of 3rd and 4th person not guaranteed, based on rates as of Oct 16, 2019)

3 in a cabin $2,135.92

(rate of 3rd and 4th person not guaranteed, based on rates as of Oct 16, 2019)

2 in a cabin $1,837.28 - this is our group rate and is locked in

Other Balcony Cabin options

Category 7C (cove balcony) $858.64 per person   

Category 8A $928.64 per person        


Category 8B $933.64 per person    

Category 8C $938.64 per person

Category 8D $943.64 per person    

Category 8E $948.64 per person

Oceanview Cabin rates as of October 16th, 2019 - contact us for current rates

Catch a glimpse of what's going by from your Ocean View stateroom aboard Carnival Horizon, where you'll get views you won't find anywhere on land. Don't miss sunrise and sunset at sea — your comfy stateroom is the best way to experience these!  Approx 220 square feet with 2 twins that convert to 1 queen or for 3 or 4 in a room, the couch becomes a bed and/or there is 1 or 2 beds that fold out of the wall to become a bunk bed.


These rates are NOT locked into our group rates, contact us for current rates


Cabin total, not per person - Category 6L oceanview

4 in a cabin $2044.56  

3 in a cabin $1745.92

2 in a cabin $1447.28

Family Harbor Suite rates as of October 16, 2019

Family life is the sweet life, whether on land or at sea… and especially when in a Family Harbor Suite. Your whole crew will enjoy not only the stretch-out space, huge balcony and other perks a suite offers, but a nautical décor specially-designed for Family Harbor staterooms. And while you sail along, the kids and the adults can make use of unlimited 24-hour access to the nearby Family Harbor Lounge, plus other exclusive perks around the ship. In-room, there’s a full bathroom… plus the convenience of a separate washroom. A private yacht it’s not… but leave the sailing to us — you’d rather be relaxing anyway.  Approx 340 square feet with 2 twins that convert to 1 queen or for the couch becomes a double bed and/or there is 1 beds that fold out of the wall to become a bunk bed.

These rates are NOT locked into our group rates, contact us for current rates

Category FS 

with 5 people, this room is $3973.20 or $794.64 per person average

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