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Feeling Majestic

By Shelly Ramirez, with a lot of writing help from Dawn Lanham!

I just returned from an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. This resort was very majestic, hence the name Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres. While there I just knew that this was a property that I needed to blog about.

Let me start from the beginning. My group had a total of fifteen agents from four different states, so this resort had some impressive things to do and it did just that. We stayed in the Excellence Club where we received our bracelet/room key and our butler, which I will speak more about in a minute. We arrived pretty early so we were escorted to the breakfast buffet with such a huge variety and selection, but this is just the start of the food that was offered there. Before I talk about this I want to back track to what the Excellence Club has to offer

The Excellence Club has its own check in area with lounge chairs and lovely, big bathrooms. As I mentioned it is here that we received our butler, so let me speak briefly about what the job of our butler is. Each butler is assigned to twenty to twenty-five rooms, so they stay very busy. They are more like a concierge; however, they will not unload your luggage, but they will draw you a bath and have it waiting for you after a long day or whenever it is you would like one drawn up for you.

We could not quite check into our rooms yet since we arrived early as previously mentioned, so I am going to throw in a traveling tip here. I packed my swimsuit in my backpack, so I was able to change and head to the pool early. It gave me a little more time to relax before our 4 p.m. tour of the property to see the rooms including the swim-out rooms and the plunge pool rooms. Side note: these rooms would be an amazing treat for honeymooners or those celebrating their anniversaries. They were just spectacular.

Since we were staying at the Excellence Club and I am on the topic of rooms, let me just add the room selections found here. There is the Majestic Club room, as well as family sections. They offer a limited number of connecting rooms and rooms with trundles, but know that these rooms can’t be guaranteed, but surely an option that most definitely needs to be mentioned.

The next thing I want to talk about is the beach and the ocean because while touring the rooms all of us were just drawn to the water. We could not wait to explore it. The beauty had us mesmerized. The beach alone was such a refreshing change because it did not have any sargassum. The sun grew hotter each day, but we could not and would not stay away. We chose to soak up Vitamin D and relax to the sounds of the sea.

So much more to discuss, so let me me see if I can hit on it all. I will continue on with the Vitamin D route and talk about the pools. Each pool had its own activities from Bingo to Corn Hole or maybe some Jenga or even a little trivia; you definitely had options.

Since we are on the subject of entertainment at the pools, let’s talk about the resort’s other entertainment options. The entertainment events were later in the evening, but so well worth the wait. You want to know when the show is…well, you guessed it…there’s an app for that. This app will tell you if there is a party or an event you should attend. But if you choose not to use the app or you can’t find anything, your handy dandy butler can guide you to where you need to go.

I mentioned our huge breakfast buffet with plenty of choices. Well, let me add some more meals for you. Because let’s be honest, the food sometimes can make or break a place. Let me tell you, it was not a deal breaker for us. Not only did you get buffets for breakfast, but you got them at lunch as well and they were AMAZING. The choices for dinner, though, were even better! The steak and hibachi restaurant was hopping every night.

The final thing I want to address are your day trips. I know many people like to go do different fun events outside of the resort, so I want to speak briefly about the day trips. Day trips are easy from this area. Please note though, that some of the trips can take up to two to three hours each way. Our day trip was to Isla Mujeres which we visited on day two. I have visited this little island several times, even staying there in 1988. It has changed a lot but still has the same coastal charm just with more tourists. Renting a golf cart or scooter is the way to get around while there. The island is only a couple blocks wide and seven miles long. North beach is a huge draw for mega yachts and is the beach to be seen. The southern point has Mayan ruins and a beautiful sculpture garden. Prices are negotiable on the island and haggling is encouraged; expect to pay about half of the cost shown on any particular item. Beach massages, hair braids, painted pottery and hats are just a few of the fun things that are there and ready for you!

All in all Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is a solid property and I will be sending more and more to it.

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